The program is designed to meet the developmental needs of each child and primarily focuses on social adjustment. There is ample opportunity for rich play, art and discovery in an environment that promotes and reinforces the learning experience. Teacher directed circle time includes listening to a story, learning a song and playing simple games.


    Team effort encourages a learning environment that enables each child to master new skills and absorb knowledge at their own pace. The curriculum includes the alphabet and early reading, numbers, pencil skills, colors, shapes, cooking and field trips. There are daily art activities linked to the weekly projects, Music appreciation and Introductory French. At this level children appreciate the order and discipline of learning.


    This program is thoughtfully structured placing emphasis on readiness for further education
    by focusing on language arts.  These objectives
    are met through individualized and small group instruction.  These years build upon the previous foundations.  The children work with enthusiasm
    and are delighted to see the results of their concentrated efforts.


    Parents attend a welcome breakfast in the Spring of
    their incoming year.  Classroom orientation is scheduled for the beginning of the school year to introduce the staff and the curriculum. Teachers are always available for discussions throughout the year. Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a year to discuss each child’s progress and to evaluate their needs. Each class is taught by a qualified head teacher and an assistant. Teachers actively participate in seminars and continuing education classes.

                                   New York City Main Office: 40 Sutton Place, New York, NY  10022  212-421-3282  info@gardenhouseschool.org